About Us

About Us

Auntie Hanady’s Cheesecake & Cookies is proud to be the first in the Middle East to master the true meaning of the original American baked cheesecake, working with the finest ingredients and the highest standerds.
Auntie Hanady’s Cheesecake & Cookies is always looking to diversify its offering to its customers by developing new lines and products and expanding into new locations and territories.

Our menu is rich and varied including the following lines:
• Cheesecake
• Cookies
• English Cake
• Muffins
• Sporket
• Gourmet Beverage Bar
• Breakfast 

Auntie Hanady’s CheeseCake & Cookies shops have been designed carefully to guarantee warm ambiance, attractive displays and elegant locations. 

Our Vision

To expand our market share, in our territory of operation and to team with capable partners to expand into new countries. To become ranked, year after year thereafter, among the top five quality providers in our selected fields of specialty.

Our Brand Values

• Great tasting authentic products
• Working with the finest ingredients
• Working at the highest standards
• Fantastic staff & services
• Elegant atmosphere
• Cleanliness & hygiene as per international standards
• Attractive display of our products & merchandising
• Relevant advertising & promotions
• Focus on Quality
• New products all the time

Our Mission

We bring to you the pleasure of experiencing quality desserts within a beautiful warm and friendly atmosphere and a comfortable and relaxing setting. We are happily dedicated to serve the needs of our customers and employees while continuously improving our performance over time.